BondView Launches the First Fintech Platform that Analyzes Municipal Bond Funds and Their Underlying Holdings in One Step.

NEW YORK, Feb. 3, 2016 / Now it’s easy to drill down into the details of every municipal bond fund and access previously unavailable data. BondView, a leading provider of municipal bond information and analytics, today launched the first fintech platform that analyzes municipal bond funds and their underlying bond holdings within one application. BondView’s industry-leading platform tracks more than 2,000 municipal bond funds and two million individual municipal bonds from over 50,000 issuers.

BondView’s innovation helps Municipal Bond Fund Managers and investors identify funds that could outperform their peers and avoid those with troubled holdings. According to Robert Kane, BondView’s CEO “BondView has leveled the playing field by integrating two previously independent mountains of data into one simple and affordable platform.” Kane also said, “Highly detailed information on the underlying holdings of municipal bond funds has been out of reach for many professional investors.”

BondView’s suite of applications allows:

-Real-time trading data on the holdings of more than 2,000 municipal bond funds
-Peer group evaluation tools to facilitate understanding the difference between a fund and members of its peer group at the holdings, income, liquidity and volatility levels.
-Stress testing, monitoring and other analytics on funds and individual holdings to uncover potential problems or highlight opportunities for outperformance.
-Alerts to fund portfolio changes and investment trends.
-Cross reference fund ownership with the entire universe of muni bonds.
-Institutional ownership on individual muni bonds.
-Detailed fund maturity schedule on all bond holdings and alerts for when new cash is available.
-Fund holdings overlap to compare and understand bond diversification and concentration across portfolios.

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About BondView, Inc.
BondView offers comprehensive, real-time data on more than 2 million municipal bonds from over 50,000 issuers including estimated prices, alerts, ratings, financial filings, rich/cheap analysis, stress testing, trade history and more.
BondView accurately estimates bond values using real-time market data, proprietary pricing methodology and more than 10 years of raw trading data. It provides muni bond investors a simple yet powerful way to create, monitor and evaluate their muni-bond portfolios.

Bondview Funds Stress Test MUB

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