Top 10 New York Municipal Bonds for Sale

Last Update: July 2, 2024

List of New York Municipal Bonds for Sale

This selection of top new york municipal bonds for sale today uses AI to address various aspects such as issuer reputation, investment potential, and the significance of the issuing entities. These bonds are distinguished by their top-tier BondView ratings and credit assessments, which can indicate low default potential and robust fiscal health. The report aims to guide investors in making more informed decisions. This month, only 8 municipal bonds met the top criteria, for more bonds go to BondView.

CUSIPNameQuantity AvailableMaturity DateYield to WorstCouponInsuredAsking PriceBondview Estimated PriceRich or CheapBondview RatingBV Credit ScoreFunds
63167NBT2NASSAU HEALTH CARE CORP N Y REV NASSAU CNTY GTD-RMKT-07/01/212508/01/20252.86%5%No$102.27$101.940.33% more expensive582
911157LT0UNITED NATIONS DEV CORP N Y REV REF-SER A3507/01/20252.77%5%No$102.19$101.310.87% more expensive581
630242HZ1NANUET N Y UN FREE SCH DIST SER B2012/01/20312.77%4%No$108.22$104.493.57% more expensive590
89602HFD4TRIBOROUGH BRDG & TUNL AUTH N Y PAYROLL MOBILITY TAX REF-SR LIEN-SER A-GREEN BDS-10011/15/20252.60%5%No$103.21$102.380.82% more expensive597
64972GUQ5NEW YORK N Y CITY MUN WTR FIN AUTH WTR & SWR SYS REV 2ND GEN RESOLUTION-FISCAL 20201506/15/20252.57%4%No$101.34$100.890.45% more expensive591
64972GVU5NEW YORK N Y CITY MUN WTR FIN AUTH WTR & SWR SYS REV 2ND GEN RESOLUTION-FISCAL 20201006/15/20252.56%5%No$102.29$101.800.49% more expensive597
464723BH7TOWN OF ISLIP SUFFOLK COUNTY, NEW YORK VARIOUS PURPOSES SERIAL BONDS - 2017 (NY)510/15/20252.45%4%No$101.96$100.461.49% more expensive5100
806160MP9SCARSDALE N Y UN FREE SCH DIST2506/15/20252.21%5%No$102.62$101.820.79% more expensive5100

Why Invest in New York Municipal Bonds

High Yield to Worst (YTW): The Yield to Worst (YTW) is a measure of the lowest possible yield that can be received on a bond without the issuer defaulting. A high YTW indicates that the bond offers a good return relative to its price. In this case, all the bonds have a YTW of at least 2.21%, which is relatively high for municipal bonds.

High Bondview Rating: All the bonds have the highest Bondview Rating of 5. This rating indicates that the bonds are of high quality and low risk. High-rated bonds are less likely to default and provide stable returns, making them suitable for conservative investors.

High BV Credit Score: The BV Credit Score is a measure of the creditworthiness of the bond issuer. All the bonds have a BV Credit Score of at least 8, indicating strong financial health and a low likelihood of default. High credit scores provide additional assurance of the issuer’s ability to meet its debt obligations.

Reasonable Pricing: Although all the bonds are slightly more expensive than their estimated price, the premiums are relatively small. The “Rich or Cheap” metric indicates that the bonds are only marginally more expensive (ranging from 0.33% to 3.57% more expensive). This slight premium is common in the bond market and is not a major concern given the bonds’ other strengths.

Strong Fundamentals

  • Coupon Rates: The bonds offer attractive coupon rates (ranging from 4% to 5%), which provide regular interest payments to investors.
  • Maturity Dates: The bonds have maturity dates ranging from 2025 to 2031, offering a mix of short-term and medium-term investment options.
  • Insured: While none of the bonds are insured, their high ratings and credit scores mitigate the need for insurance.

These bonds are good investments due to their high yields, strong ratings, and credit scores. The slight premium over the estimated price is typical and not a major concern given their other strengths. They offer a balance of safety and return, making them suitable for conservative investors looking for stable and reliable income.

New York Municipal Bonds: Issuer Information

Nassau Health Care Corporation, NY

Issuer Overview: Nassau Health Care Corporation, also known as NuHealth, operates Nassau University Medical Center and other healthcare facilities in Nassau County, NY.

Financial Information: While specific ratings weren’t provided, healthcare bonds can be subject to sector-specific risks, including changes in healthcare regulations and operational challenges.

Investment Potential: Investors should consider the stability of the healthcare sector and the specific financial health of NuHealth. Given the essential nature of healthcare services, these bonds can be a stable investment, but due diligence is necessary.

63167NBT2: This bond was likely issued to finance healthcare-related projects, such as improvements or expansions to the Nassau University Medical Center, or to support ongoing operations of the healthcare system.

United Nations Development Corporation, NY

Issuer Overview: The United Nations Development Corporation (UNDC) supports the development of facilities for the United Nations in New York City.

Financial Information: UNDC bonds are generally considered stable due to their association with the United Nations, though specific credit ratings were not detailed.

Investment Potential: These bonds are likely to be stable investments given the backing of an international organization. However, investors should verify current credit ratings and financial reports.

911157LT0 (United Nations Development Corporation): This bond was probably issued to fund development projects related to the United Nations, possibly including construction or renovation of facilities in New York City.

Nanuet Union Free School District, NY

Issuer Overview: This school district serves the Nanuet area in New York, focusing on educational infrastructure.

Financial Information: Moody’s provides ratings for this issuer, indicating regular credit analysis.

Investment Potential: School district bonds are typically stable due to the essential nature of educational services. Investors can consider these bonds as a relatively safe investment, especially if the district maintains strong financial health.

630242HZ1 (Nanuet Union Free School District): This bond was likely issued to finance educational infrastructure, such as school construction, renovation, or equipment purchases for the school district.

Triborough Bridge and Tunnel Authority, NY

Issuer Overview: This authority manages several key bridges and tunnels in New York City, funded by toll revenues.

Financial Information: Fitch Ratings affirmed an ‘AA-‘ rating for this issuer, indicating very strong credit quality.

Investment Potential: With a high credit rating and essential infrastructure role, these bonds are a strong investment. The authority’s stable revenue from tolls further enhances their attractiveness.

89602HFD4 (Triborough Bridge and Tunnel Authority): This bond, labeled as a “Payroll Mobility Tax” bond, was likely issued to finance transportation infrastructure projects, possibly including maintenance or improvements to bridges and tunnels in New York City.

New York City Municipal Water Finance Authority, NY

Issuer Overview: This authority finances the water and sewer systems of New York City.

Financial Information: Fitch Ratings provides ongoing credit analysis for this issuer, suggesting a stable financial position.

Investment Potential: Given the essential nature of water and sewer services and the authority’s strong credit ratings, these bonds are considered a safe investment.

64972GUQ5 and 64972GVU5 (New York City Municipal Water Finance Authority): These bonds were most likely issued to fund improvements, maintenance, or expansion of New York City’s water and sewer systems.

Issuer Overview: The Town of Islip issues bonds for various municipal purposes, including infrastructure and public services.

Financial Information: Moody’s has reaffirmed Islip’s AAA rating for seven consecutive years, indicating exceptional creditworthiness.

Investment Potential: With the highest possible credit rating, Islip’s bonds are an excellent investment choice, offering stability and low risk.

464723BH7 (Town of Islip, Suffolk County): This bond, described as “Various Purposes,” was probably issued to finance a range of municipal projects and services in the Town of Islip, which could include infrastructure improvements, public facilities, or other community needs.

Scarsdale Union Free School District, NY

Issuer Overview: This school district serves the Scarsdale area, focusing on educational infrastructure.

Financial Information: Moody’s has assigned an Aaa rating to this district, the highest possible rating, indicating exceptional creditworthiness.

Investment Potential: Similar to the Nanuet district, these bonds are a safe investment due to the high credit rating and essential nature of educational services.

806160MP9 (Scarsdale Union Free School District): Similar to the Nanuet bond, this was likely issued to fund educational infrastructure projects within the Scarsdale school district.

Market Outlook and Considerations

The municipal bond market in 2024 is generally positive, with expectations of improved demand and solid credit fundamentals for state and local governments. Rising yields have created buying opportunities, and longer-duration bonds may become more favorable if the Federal Reserve cuts rates as expected. However, investors should remain aware of potential risks, including changes in tax laws and economic conditions.

New York municipal bonds from these issuers present strong investment opportunities, particularly those with high credit ratings and essential service roles. Investors should conduct thorough due diligence, consider their risk tolerance, and consult with financial advisors to make informed decisions.

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Note: Market value may vary during the investment period. Prices are subject to prior sale and market conditions as of 07/02/24.