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How BondView’s Tax Valuation Report Can Help with Conditional Puts – Death of Holder

BondView’s Tax Valuation Report is a comprehensive tool designed to assist accountants in navigating the complexities of municipal bonds post-death. It provides the historical pricing investors and accountants would need to address how to handle bonds efficiently. 

End-of-year muni strategy

Municipal bond investors are increasingly taking advantage of a tax swap strategy to ease the tax burden of cashing out profitable assets while acquiring high-quality, long-term municipal bonds.

Make Estate Tax Filings Easier with Bondview’s Tax Valuation Report

If you’re responsible for filing estate tax returns, you know how time-consuming and challenging it can be to value assets accurately. Fortunately,  Bondview’s Tax Valuation Report can make the process…

Struggling to Find Historical Muni Bond Prices for your Tax Return?

You are not alone! Whereas the average investor can easily find historical stock prices, investors often become frustrated when searching for historical muni bond prices due to market illiquidity and…

Municipal Tax Revenue Grows for 7th Straight Quarter.

Municipal credit revenue continues to improve. This week it was reported that US state and local government tax revenue rose almost 7% in the second quarter, from a year earlier….