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Simplifying Municipal Bond Documents: A Guide

Learn the key components of municipal bond documents, including bond transcripts and official statements, with our easy-to-understand guide.

How BondView’s Tax Valuation Report Can Help with Conditional Puts – Death of Holder

BondView’s Tax Valuation Report is a comprehensive tool designed to assist accountants in navigating the complexities of municipal bonds post-death. It provides the historical pricing investors and accountants would need to address how to handle bonds efficiently. 

Monitoring Your Bonds Effectively

Municipal bonds have long been considered a reliable and steady source of income for investors. However, as with any investment, monitoring your municipal bond portfolio closely will influence your long-term…

Understanding Municipal Bond Stress Testing

Learn how municipal bond stress testing with BondView can help investors and financial advisors manage risk and optimize returns. This guide explores the importance of stress-testing municipal bonds.

Make Estate Tax Filings Easier with Bondview’s Tax Valuation Report

If you’re responsible for filing estate tax returns, you know how time-consuming and challenging it can be to value assets accurately. Fortunately,  Bondview’s Tax Valuation Report can make the process…

How to Create a Muni Bond Portfolio in 2 minutes within BondView

Bondview’s Muni Bond Portfolio tool allows you to create and manage one or multiple bond portfolios.

How to Buy Municipal Bonds

If you’re considering buying a municipal bond, there are different ways to approach this process depending on your experience and preference. The Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board, or MSRB, has a resource…

The BondView 500 Liquid Municipal Bond Index: Rieger Report Interview

Last week, I was interviewed by bond industry veteran JR Rieger of the Rieger Report to discuss the Bondview 500 Liquid Municipal Bond Index, the first muni bond index based…

Is This A Good Time To Buy Muni Bonds?

High-grade, tax-free municipal bonds have been trading above 5 percent, a historical buying indicator according to bond advisors. Taxable-equivalent yields on instruments like that are between 8.5 percent and 9…

Distressed Munis, Buy, Sell or Hold?

Detroit and Puerto Rico which have been on the market’s radar screen for quite some time. In early March 2013, Detroit announced a yet-to-be-named state-appointed emergency manager for the City…