Top 10 Texas Municipal Bonds for Sale Today

Last Update: June 19th, 2024

List of Texas Municipal Bonds for Sale

This selection of top Texas municipal bonds for sale today uses Artificial Intelligence to address various aspects such as issuer reputation, investment potential, and the significance of the issuing entities. These bonds are distinguished by their top-tier BondView ratings and credit assessments, which can indicate low default potential and robust fiscal health. The report aims to guide investors in making more informed decisions. This month, only 6 municipal bonds met the top criteria, for more bonds go to BondView.

CUSIPNameQuantity AvailableMaturity DateYield to WorstCouponInsuredAsking PriceBondview Estimated PriceRich or CheapBondview RatingBV Credit ScoreFunds
264633KM9CITY OF DUMAS, TEXAS (MOORE COUNTY) GENERAL OBLIGATION REFUNDING BONDS, SERIES 2015 (TX)10009/01/20253.03%3.25%No$100.26$99.041.23% more expensive590
882724JB4TEXAS ST REF-PUB FIN AUTH-SER A30510/01/20252.68%5%No$102.92$102.260.64% more expensive5101
232769GU7CYPRESS-FAIRBANKS TEX INDPT SCH DIST REF-SCH BLDG-SER A20002/15/20252.48%5%No$101.63$101.030.59% more expensive5103
79623PQN8SAN ANTONIO TEX TAX NTS266002/01/20252.24%5%No$101.69$101.070.62% more expensive5100
Last Update: June 19th

Why Invest in Texas Municipal Bonds

  • Attractiveness: All bonds listed have high credit scores and ratings, indicating low risk for investors. 
  • Yield: The City of Dumas bond stands out with the highest Yield to Worst (YTW) at 3.03%, making it an excellent option for yield-focused investors.
  • Coupon: Bonds with a 5% coupon rate are particularly attractive for income-focused investors.
  • Price: All bonds are slightly more expensive than their estimated prices, but the differences are minimal, providing good value.

Key Observations:

  • City of Dumas, Texas (Moore County) General Obligation Refunding Bonds, Series 2015 (TX): Most attractive for yield-focused investors due to its highest YTW of 3.03%.
  • Conroe Independent School District Unlimited Tax School Building and Refunding Bonds, Series 2016A (TX): Offers a good balance of yield and coupon, making it a solid investment choice.
  • Texas State Public Finance Authority (Texas St Ref-Pub Fin Auth-Ser A): High coupon rate and good credit score, ideal for investors seeking stability and income.

Investing in Texas municipal bonds could be an opportunity for stable returns. These bonds are issued by reputable entities such as school districts and city governments, providing a low-risk investment opportunity.

Texas Municipal Bonds: Issuer Information

Investing in Texas municipal bonds provides opportunities for tax-free income and portfolio diversification. Here’s a detailed look at the financial health and ratings of their issuers:

City of Dumas, Texas (Moore County)

  • Credit Rating: S&P Global Ratings upgraded Dumas, Texas’ general obligation (GO) debt to ‘A-‘ from ‘BBB+’ as of March 12, 2021.
  • Revenue Sources: Primary revenue sources include ad valorem taxes, sales taxes, and franchise fees. Total revenue is projected at $5,996,759.80 for the current budget.
    • Licenses and Permits: Generates $61,375.00 in revenue from contractor fees, plumbing/fire sprinkler permits, and building permits.
    • Operational Revenues: Includes administrative fees, swimming pool fees, and tower rent.
  • Expenditures: Major expenditure categories include personnel services, operational supplies/expenses, professional services, and capital outlay. Personnel costs are expected to increase, while capital outlay is expected to decrease.

Conroe Independent School District

  • Credit Rating: Received an “A” rating under the Financial Integrity Rating System for the 2022-23 fiscal year and the Award of Excellence in Financial Management.
  • Debt Levels: Projected a $16.6 million budget shortfall for FY 2024-25, with expenditures expected to be approximately $710.5 million and estimated revenue at $693.88 million.
  • Revenue Sources: Local property taxes and state funding.

Texas State Public Finance Authority (TPFA)

  • Bond Issuance: Issued $364.6 million in general obligation and refunding bonds during fiscal year 2023.
  • Commercial Paper Notes: $201.9 million in outstanding revenue commercial paper notes for capital projects and the Master Lease Purchase Program.
  • Revenue Sources: Pledged revenues from unrestricted current fund revenues, governmental appropriations, gifts, grants, contracts, and student service fees.
    • Trends:
      • Decrease in Assets: Total assets decreased by $3.2 million.
      • Increase in Liabilities: Total liabilities increased by $152.2 million.
      • Decrease in Net Position: Net position decreased by $79.5 million.

Aldine Independent School District (Harris County, Texas)

  • Credit Ratings: Moody’s: Aaa, S&P Global: AAA, Fitch: AA+.
  • Debt Profile: Around $1.5 billion in total outstanding debt obligations, primarily general obligation (GO) bonds. Debt service payments are about 15% of the district’s operating budget.
  • Revenue Sources: Local property taxes (36.6%) and total operating revenues around $808 million in FY2022.
  • Financial Position: Balanced budget and healthy reserves, with an available general fund balance of $308 million.
  • Bond Programs: Regularly issues GO bonds for school construction, renovations, and equipment.

Cypress-Fairbanks Independent School District (CFISD)

  • Credit Ratings: Moody’s: Aaa, S&P Global: AAA, Fitch: AA.
  • Debt Levels: Total bonded debt of $3.55 billion, including $368.7 million in new school building bonds.
  • Revenue Sources: Local property taxes (around 60%), state aid (around 35%), and federal funds (around 5%).
  • Financial Standing: Projected a $138 million shortfall for FY2024-25. Maintains a fund balance of around $300 million.

City of San Antonio, Texas

  • Credit Ratings: Standard & Poor’s: AAA, Moody’s: Aaa, Fitch Ratings: AA+.
  • Financial Standing: Maintains a balanced budget and healthy reserves, with primary revenue sources including property taxes (31% of general fund), sales taxes, and utility revenues.
  • Debt Levels: Annual debt service payments comprise around 10% of the general fund budget.

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This list is updated every month.

This list of Texas municipal bonds for sale is current as of June 19, 2024. For real-time information, use BondView as your guide. A quick CUSIP entry or advanced search reveals details such as interest rates, coupon rates, maturity dates, recent trade prices, and credit ratings.

Note: Market value may vary during the investment period. Prices are subject to prior sale and market conditions as of 06/19/24.