How to Create a Muni Bond Portfolio in 2 minutes within BondView

Bondview’s Muni Bond Portfolio tool allows you to create and manage one or multiple bond portfolios.

BondView’s Muni Bond Portfolios allow you to see all your bonds in one place and to analyze specific bond picks. You can enter CUSIPs, purchase date and purchase price in order to keep track of your gains and losses. You can also view BondView’s estimated prices, coupon, maturity date, accrued interest and ratings.

To find out how to create a bond portfolio watch the video bellow.

You can edit your portfolio in multiple ways. You can change the portfolio’s name or add new positions in bulk by clicking the “Add Bonds” button. As a Bondview user, with an updated portfolio, you will also have access to more complex features such as: 

  • Portfolio Stress Testing
  • Fire Sale Bonds
  • Broker Intelligence
  • Portfolio Report Card
  • Gains and Losses Report
  • Most Active
  • Monthly Income
  • High Net Worth Report
  • Spread Tracking
  • Tax Valuation Reports
  • Create Bond Fund Watchlists
  • Compare Peer Groups
  • Intelligent Fund Monitoring
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