Easy and Cost-Effective Access to All Our Muni Data

Do you sometimes need access to comprehensive muni data on a small number of municipal bonds?

Most muni data services will require you to subscribe to expensive services and ask you to lock into a long-term contract. To get a truly deep dive into all the relevant data you may need, it might also be necessary to subscribe to multiple services or premium content.

That is where the new BondView Single Bond service comes in. For a one-off, low-cost payment of $6.99 users can download a rich, industry-leading dataset on their chosen bond. The muni data is fully current and up to date at the time of purchase. This includes:

  • Bond Summary
  • Bond Ratings
  • BondView Credit Score
  • Bond Price Summary
  • Stress Test
  • Trade History
  • Historical Asking Prices
  • Full access to BondView’s tools for your bond for 30 days, including:
    • Intelligent Bond Monitoring
    • Bond Alert Early Warning System
    • Automatic Alerts On This Bond CUSIP

Whether you are an analyst researching a small number of target bonds; a broker performing a pre-purchase suitability test for a client; or simply a retail investor looking at trade options, then this service works for you.

muni data report
muni data report

No long-term contracts, no multiple service subscriptions, and no further obligations. One payment gets you all the industry-standard data BondView has collated for your required CUSIP(s).

This complete Single Bond Report also comes with BondView Pro access to your bond of purchase. You will be able to look up daily data changes through bondview.com and take advantage of BondView’s Pro tools for 30 days after your purchase. 

To find out more, see: Plans or contact us at sales@bondview.com.