AI-Generated Top 10 New York Municipal Bonds for Sale Today – November Update

November List of New York Municipal Bonds for Sale

Executive Summary
This updated list of top 10 New York municipal bonds for sale today uses Artificial Intelligence to address various aspects such as issuer reputation, investment potential, and the significance of the issuing entities. These bonds are distinguished by their top-tier BondView ratings and credit assessments, which can indicate low default potential and robust fiscal health. The report aims to guide investors in making more informed decisions.

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CUSIPNameQuantity AvailableMaturity DateYield to WorstCouponInsuredAsking PriceBondview Estimated PriceBondview RatingBV Credit Score
68277DDA9ONONDAGA CNTY N Y1006/01/20262.82%5%No$105.29$104.3359
59259N3X9METROPOLITAN TRANSN AUTH N Y GREEN BDS-SUBSER B-13511/15/20242.76%5%No$102.16$101.3959
64990CEG2NEW YORK ST DORM AUTH REVS NON NEW YORK UNIV-SER A5007/01/20252.71%5%No$103.59$102.3959
6533525A8NIAGARA CNTY N Y REF-WTR IMPTS5002/01/20252.63%5%No$102.77$101.9858
630242GN9NANUET N Y UN FREE SCH DIST4004/15/20252.63%5%No$103.24$101.9359
806160MQ7SCARSDALE N Y UN FREE SCH DIST15006/15/20262.58%5%No$105.97$105.55510
64966LZV6THE CITY OF NEW YORK GENERAL OBLIGATION BONDS FISCAL 2015 SERIES C (NY)2008/01/20242.52%5%No$101.69$101.0359

Why These Bonds Are Good Investments

Yield to Worst (YTW): The YTWs of these bonds, as observed, are relatively low – between 2.98% and 2.52% – which is typical for municipal bonds and suggests a lower risk profile. This is attractive for investors seeking stable and predictable returns, especially in a low-interest-rate environment.

Credit Ratings and Scores: The bonds have good Bondview ratings and BV credit scores, indicating a low risk of default. This suggests that these bonds are creditworthy and financially stable.

All bonds have a 5 star BondView rating indicating high quality borrowers, very low sensitivity to economic changes that affect price and yield.

Market Conditions and Economic Stability: The attractiveness of municipal bonds also depends on the broader economic and market conditions. Stability or growth in the New York economy can positively impact these bonds.

Risk Tolerance and Investment Horizon: These bonds are suitable for investors with a low-risk tolerance and a longer investment horizon. They provide a steady income stream, which is ideal for conservative investors.

Pricing: All of these bonds are more expensive than BondView’s Estimated Price, but only by a maximum of 1.34% with the Hudson Years Infrastructure Corporation Second Indenture Revenue Bonds. The close proximity of Asking Price and BondView’s Estimated Price for our bonds indicates that you’re getting what you pay for, with no inflated premiums.

Issuer Information

Dormitory Authority

State of New York

Reputation: Known for financing educational facilities, indicating a strong social impact and stable investment.

Investment Potential: With education as a priority, these bonds may have a lower risk of default.


Onondaga County

New York

ESG Score: 6

Reputation: As a county issuance, it reflects local government stability.

Investment Potential: Good for investors seeking exposure to local government projects.

Fitch Ratings: In 2023, Fitch Ratings upgraded Onondaga County’s GOs to ‘AA+’.

Rating Outlook: Fitch Ratings revised the outlook to stable from negative, affirming the ‘AA+’ rating for its Issuer Default Rating and outstanding general obligation (GO) bonds.

Other Ratings: Moody’s Investors Service affirmed Onondaga County’s bond rating of “Aa2” with a stable outlook, and S&P Global Ratings also affirmed its “AA” bond rating with a stable outlook.


Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA)

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) is focused on improving safety, reliability, and frequency to increase customer satisfaction and grow ridership.

The MTA has experienced significant ridership loss due to the pandemic and is unlikely to return to pre-pandemic revenue levels.

However there seem to have been improvements in subway mean distance between failures (MDBF), reductions in crime, and the impact of maintenance and operations on safety. There is also evidence of a decline in cancellations and terminations on commuter rails and the decline in bus MDBF as ridership returned. 

Fitch Ratings upgraded MTA’s transportation revenue bonds to ‘A’ from ‘A-‘, indicating an improved financial situation​.


Dormitory Authority

State of New York

Fitch Ratings assigned ‘AA+’ ratings to the Dormitory Authority of the State of New York (DASNY) state personal income tax revenue bonds, with the outlook revised to stable [57].


Hudson Yards Infrastructure Corporation

Fitch Ratings upgraded Hudson Yards Infrastructure Corp. revenue bonds to ‘A+’, and S&P Global Ratings upgraded their rating to AA from AA-.


Niagara County

New York

Credit Rating: Fitch Ratings affirmed Niagara Falls, NY’s Issuer Default Rating (IDR) and unlimited tax GO bonds at ‘BBB-‘, with the outlook revised to Positive from Stable. This indicates an improving fiscal situation, albeit still in the lower investment-grade category.

Recent Bond Issues: Niagara County has been active in issuing bonds for various purposes. For instance, the county approved a $6.46 million bond sale for capital improvements at the county jail and sheriff’s office, reflecting its ongoing investment in infrastructure and public services .

Long-Term Bonds: The county has also been involved in longer-term bond deals, with some bonds not maturing until 2040 and others from a 2005 deal lasting until 2060. This indicates a long-term financial planning approach and commitment to ongoing projects.


Nanuet Union Free School District

The district ranks in the top 30% of public school districts in New York, with strong proficiency scores in math and reading. The spending per student is higher than the state median


South Country Central School District

New York Brookhaven

Bond Information: The South Country Central School District at Brookhaven issued bonds with a 5% yield maturing in 2027. This information, while not a direct indicator of the current financial health, provides insight into the district’s funding mechanisms and debt obligations.

District Initiatives: The South Country Central School District has been involved in various initiatives, including bond referendums for funding projects. For example, in 2009, a bond referendum was approved for undisclosed projects. Such initiatives are typical for school districts to finance capital improvements or other significant expenditures.


New York City

New York

Reputation and Financial Health: Fitch Ratings upgraded New York City’s Issuer Default Rating (IDR) and General Obligation (GO) bond rating to ‘AA’, reflecting an improved financial foundation post-pandemic. This upgrade signifies a strong creditworthiness and robust financial recovery following the challenges posed by COVID-19.


Investment Potential: Fitch Ratings assigned a ‘AA’ rating to New York City’s approximately $1.19 billion GO bonds for fiscal 2023, including both tax-exempt and taxable bonds. This high rating indicates strong investment potential, backed by the city’s substantial economic base and diversified revenue streams.

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This list of municipal bonds for sale is from November 20th, 2023. For real-time municipal bonds for sale information, BondView is your compass. A quick CUSIP entry or an advanced search will lead you to specific bond details, from coupon rates and maturity dates to recent trade prices and current credit ratings.

As with any investment, the market value may vary during the period the investment is held. Subject to prior sale and market conditions. Price as of 11/20/23.

This is an updated version from our previous Top 10 New York Municipal Bonds, published October 16, 2023.