AI-Generated Top 10 Municipal Bonds for Sale Today – November Update

List of municipal bonds for sale

Executive Summary
This selection of top 10 municipal bonds for sale today uses Artificial Intelligence to address various aspects such as issuer reputation, investment potential, and the significance of the issuing entities. These bonds are distinguished by their top-tier BondView ratings and credit assessments, which can indicate low default potential and robust fiscal health. The report aims to guide investors in making more informed decisions.

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CUSIPNameQuantity AvailableMaturity DateYield to WorstCouponInsuredAsking PriceBondview Estimated PriceBondview RatingBV Credit Score
841624DJ5SOUTHEASTERN CMNTY COLLEGE MERGED AREA XVI2006/01/20253.90%2.55%No$97.96$97.6258
845641GG8SOUTHWESTERN MICH COLLEGE MICH CMNTY COLLEGE FACS2505/01/20263.86%3%No$97.97$99.5159
816434BT0TOWN OF SELLERSBURG, INDIANA WATERWORKS REVENUE BONDS OF 2014 (IN)1507/01/20253.72%3%No$98.85$98.4558
64966QWM8NEW YORK N Y FISCAL 2015-SER F-SUBSER F-4-100006/01/20443.67%5%No$102$101.3359
67756QR74OHIO ST HSG FIN AGY RESIDENTIAL MTG REV MTG-BKD SECS PROG-SER A3509/01/20263.62%5%No$103.66$103.03510
442331T95CITY OF HOUSTON, TEXAS PUBLIC IMPROVEMENT REFUNDING BONDS, SERIES 2017A (TX)6003/01/20253.46%5%No$101.96$101.5058
604382GM7MINOT N D PUB SCH DIST NO 001 SCH BLDG-SER A9008/01/20253.45%5%No$102.59$102.2759

Why These Bonds Are Good Investments

Beneficial Yields in Current Market Conditions: The Yield to Worst (YTW) figures are between 3.45% and 3.90%, offering competitive returns compared to the general low-yield environment, which could enhance an investor’s income stream.

Strong Periodic Earnings Potential: With coupons as high as 5%, investors stand to receive robust interest payments, which is particularly appealing for those seeking steady income.

  • However, the distribution across all bonds available on this list is fairly uniform, indicating a wide range of interest rates among the bonds, which provides investors with a variety of options depending on their risk tolerance and income needs.

Higher Yield Opportunities: The absence of insurance on these bonds often suggests a higher yield, compensating for the additional risk.

Managed Interest Rate Risk: Bonds with short to mid-term maturities offer a lower interest rate risk compared to long-term bonds, which means investors may face less price volatility as interest rates change.

Market Validation of Pricing: The close correlation between Asking Prices and Bondview Estimated Prices suggests that these bonds are priced appropriately in the market, which indicates a lower risk of overpaying for an investment.

Indicators of Credit Strength: A consistent Bondview Rating of 5 and BV Credit Scores ranging from 8 to 10 reflect a high degree of creditworthiness and financial stability of the issuers, potentially leading to lower default risk for investors.

Issuer Information

The issuers of this month’s Top 10 Municipal Bonds for Sale Today are:

Southeastern Community College

Merged Area XVI

Issuer Reputation: Supported by a combination of tuition, state funding, and potential federal grants, these educational entities tend to have a stable financial base.

Investment Potential: An 8 BondView Credit Score suggests a good credit profile, indicating a reliable investment within the education bond sector.

Livingston Public Schools School District

Board of Education of the Township of Livingston, Essex County, New Jersey

Issuer Reputation: Bonds backed by property taxes in New Jersey tend to be stable, reflecting the state’s commitment to education.

Investment Potential: A top BondView Credit Score of 10 points to above very good credit quality, making it a top-tier investment among municipal bonds.

Southwestern Mich College Michigan Community College Facs

Issuer Reputation: The college’s credit standing, mirrored in its BondView Credit Score of 9, signals a strong reputation within its community.

Investment Potential: The bond is viewed favorably for its stability, stemming from its association with the educational sector’s financial robustness.

City of Frisco, Texas

Issuer Reputation: Frisco’s economic vitality and strong financial governance are represented by a BondView Credit Score of 10.

Investment Potential: The city’s growth trajectory may lead to appreciating bond values and ensure continued fiscal health supporting the debt.

Town of Sellersburg, Indiana

Issuer Reputation: The modest BV Credit Score of 8 indicates moderate risk, characteristic of smaller municipal entities.

Investment Potential: The specific utility project funded by the bond could add long-term value, assuming stable regional growth.

New York City, NY

Fiscal 2015 Series

Issuer Reputation: New York’s diversified economic foundation backs its municipal bonds, offering a resilient investment backdrop.

Investment Potential: A diverse economic base and substantial tax revenues make these long-term bonds attractive, albeit with an eye on interest rate fluctuations.

Ohio State Housing Finance Agency

Issuer Reputation: State agencies like this often have sound fiscal management and oversight, ensuring a reliable repayment source.

Investment Potential: With the housing sector’s relative stability in Ohio, these bonds carry promising investment potential.

Massachusetts State Development Finance Agency for Dana Farber Cancer Institute

Issuer Reputation: Bonds linked to healthcare, especially reputable institutions like Dana Farber, generally carry a good reputation.

Investment Potential: Such bonds offer a socially responsible investment avenue with stable returns, given the essential nature of healthcare services.

City of Houston


Issuer Reputation: A large and diverse economic base supports the City of Houston’s bonds, enhancing their credibility.

Investment Potential: The city’s ongoing development activities provide a positive outlook for the bond’s future performance.

Minot ND Public School District No 001

Issuer Reputation: Stable support from property taxes underpins the school district’s ability to meet its obligations.

Investment Potential: The BV Credit Score of 9 for the school district bonds reflects a solid investment with relatively low risk in the municipal bond market.

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This list of municipal bonds for sale is from November 6th, 2023. For real-time municipal bonds for sale information, BondView is your compass. A quick CUSIP entry or an advanced search will lead you to specific bond details, from coupon rates and maturity dates to recent trade prices and current credit ratings.

As with any investment, the market value may vary during the period the investment is held. Subject to prior sale and market conditions. Price as of 11/06/23.